Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Christopher Hitchens Day

Today is Christopher Hitchens' birthday. He would have been 63. Fans of his are calling today "Christopher Hitchens Day" as a way to remember him.

I came to appreciate Christopher late in the game, but his effect on me is profound, and ongoing. I would like to encourage everyone to do something special to remember him today. Whether it's having a glass of Johnnie Walker Black, watching videos of him on YouTube, reading his writing, or raising awareness about the issues he courageously tackled - or maybe all of those! Take some time to think about Christopher, to contemplate his effect on your life, his effect on the world, and perhaps how you can effect the people in your life like he has.

I have embedded a wonderfully moving tribute video someone put on YouTube that highlights some of his best moments, and shows him as I like to remember him - as someone who is passionate, articulate, confident, compassionate, loving, and with a sense of humor.

I know I will raise a glass to him tonight. Wish you were still here, Hitch.

For a compilation of several obituaries for Christopher, click here.

For a memorial picture slide show, click here.

For a list of his published books on amazon, click here.
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