Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Universe From Nothing: Preview of a Review

Today I received my copy of Lawrence Krauss' new book, "A Universe From Nothing." I am excited to get started reading it, as his lecture at AAI 2009 about this very topic brought up many questions in my mind.

I have always thought of the "nothingness" before our universe existed was really, actually nothing. It seems that this was too simplistic of an idea. It worked well with my theism, since it was very reasonable to assume that nothing comes from nothing, unless God does it.

I am hoping to answers to the following questions:

Is it possible there was ever a point where actually "nothing" existed? Not empty space, but absolutely a complete lack of anything? More specifically, can a theist still posit that if you go "back" far enough, there had to be a beginning point that absolute nothing and something sit on opposite sides?

Does the concept of absolute nothing even make sense to think about any longer? Is it just a simplistic notion that can be shrugged off in physics?

How do I explain this to someone who believes there was "nothing," then God created the Big Bang?

I will read the book and give my review soon, and we will see if the above questions were answered or not.
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