Monday, November 8, 2010

Large Hadron Collider Creates "Mini Big Bang"

via & BBC News:

Lead ion collision inside the LHC

CERN scientists have recently collided lead ions which have created some beautiful and curious reactions.  Scientists hope these experiments will help us understand the processes at work at the very beginning of the universe.  Temperatures reached upwards of 10 trillion degrees, which are the highest ever reproduced in an experiment. Still no word on when the LHC will destroy the world.  Read the full article here.
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Tyler V. said...

Yeah... ever wonder if they stop to think, "hey... creating a big bang or a black hole might actually have some really apocalyptic side effects... maybe we shouldnt do that..."

Eric Burton said...

It's a scary thought! But yes, the scientists have thought a lot about that. It turns out the black holes are so miniscule that they immediately collapse and cease to exist. But who knows!

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